Our products are diversified to best meet the demands of consumers in different market segments which are continuously transitioning from one side to the other.

We take care that the portfolio of our products is continually increasing the quality and diversification of the assortments.

CTIEC`s brands are present in various countries from Middle East, Africa, Balkans, Nord of Korea and including the following brands: D&B, Dubao, Most.

We are producing cigarettes with different mixture of tobacco, fine tobacco for roll- your- own (make-your-own) and the next generation products.

CTIEC has the possibility to make your own design of the packs with all information requested by our clients.

The tobacco used for our products are composed from many varieties like Virginia, Burley, Oriental and also different grades.

Because the market is continuously growing in variety of consumers, we started to develop a next generation alternative to conventional cigarettes and vapors products.

This category is not yet firmly established and is growing every day in significance.