China Tobacco International Europe Company is a producer of cigarettes belonging to the China National Tobacco, with a long experience in tobacco and manufacturing cigarettes.

Because we belong to China National Tobacco, we have access to the best blends of tobacco from around the world that we use in the production process.

We work with the best experts from China Tobacco Research Center to create various mixtures of tobacco and flavors depending on the specific demands of consumers and markets worldwide.

Most of our flue-cured tobacco come from Zimbabwe, Brazil and Argentina, while burley are from the United States. All NTM's are of high quality coming from European Union countries.

In the present we are focused on innovating, delivery superior quality products and growing international scale and profitability.
We continuously invest in improving production to provide quality of the products equal to our European competitors, but at a lower cost.

Our factory is located in Buzau County, owning an area of about 40,000 square meters with an annual production capacity of approximately 4.5 billion cigarettes and consists of:
- top quality primary, with a capacity of up to 3 tons/h
- modern secondary, having modern packers/makers like Molins and GD
- all the necessary warehouses, steam plant, etc.

Processing tabacco leaf

Processing cut filler

Processing tabacco stem

Making and packing the cigarettes